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"Respect The Crown"

The Quarterback Club of Houston (QBCOH) is a proud affiliate of the Draft Pick 7v7 Club Team.   Founded in 2014 the QBCOH placed it's logo on the team after it had distinguished itself from other organizations and goals. 7v7 is a highly growing competitive sport for football players to compete at high levels on a local, state, and national format during their off seasons.  The Draft Picks are a well known 7v7 Club that promote leadership, mentorship, and the development of skilled players.  The Draft Picks Organization is a North Houston based club with an elite team that competes in multiple circuits of tournaments. They are always looking to fill new roster spots and teams with high level athletes.  Please click on the "Crown" to be sent to the Draft Picks 7v7 site for more details and try-out information.