The Quarterback Club of Houston (QBCOH) was founded by Jerrod Johnson.  Private instructions, group sessions, and Camps are provided.  Jerrod Johnson continues to be the lead instructor for The Quarterback Club of Houston with the focus on teaching and developing Quarterbacks and all aspects of the position.  Since he has entered into his NFL Coaching career, The QBCOH continues to be locally managed and maintained under his direction. 


The "Club" is a fraternity of Quarterbacks of all ages that aspire and are dedicated to compete at high levels.  The overall goal of the "Club" is to provide leadership, mentorship, and open format discussions/teachings amongst peers at the QB position, while being instructed and coached in an elite level format environment. The position of QB is the hardest position in all of sports, being part of the QB Club of Houston allows QBs to learn from some of the best instructors and each other. 

Being a Quarterback is not just a position, it's a lifestyle !!! 

We are also a proud supporter of the 7v7 Organization - The Draft Picks.  Said 7v7 Organization allows us to support and groom QBs in a real life game type situations and further assist with other player developments in the great game of football.  Check out the 7v7 Team affiliation page for details. 

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